Nimuué Intuition Pendant

  • $175.00

Designed, hand sculpted, cast and hand finished in sterling silver, 'Nimuué Intuition' pendant symbolizes and reminds us of our inner wisdom, feminine intuition, and strength. She stands tall and strong, similar to how she was discovered, vertical and preserved in stone.

Nimuué,“Lady of the Lake,” ranks among the oldest glacial achaeological finds in North America. A turtle shell carapace, which appeared to have been attached to her waist, may have contained the assortment of bones and a wolf tooth found with her. The whelk shell found near her pelvis is recognized as one from what is now the Carribean, because of its characteristic left whorl. Her clan is believed to have originated in the South Pacific. Once drowned in frozen waters, with her right arm extended above her head, perhaps holding a tool, she was discovered phosporized, north of Pelican Rapids, where Glacial Lake Pelican carved out the area now known as Minnesota. The Pelican River still flows where she once lived. Her essence is still very much alive. 

Sterling chain or leather band available to purchase together also HERE. 

More information on Glacial Minnesota Woman.

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