Turtle Medicine (Prayer) Pouch

  • $750.00

TURTLE Medicine (Prayer) Pouch:

Hand sculpted, cast and finished sterling silver, this pouch resembles that of Nimuué, Lady of the lake, the glacial Minnesota Woman, who walked this earth 20,000 years ago. Shell is solid sterling. Leather pouch, Lapis set stone on front, and ties in the back with lapis bead. Optional stones or charms are special order and may change pricing.

Turtle is a powerful old spirit, dating back 200,000 years. The turtle signifies longevity, creation, wisdom and prosperity. Turtle invites you to be serene, trust serendipity and take an effortless approach to life. 

Adorn yourself with this beautiful healing tool to keep your prayers, gemstones, aromatherapy, or sacred medicine close to you at all times. 


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